Michelle Howard directs a practice in Berlin called, constructconcept, committed to the fusion of design, construction and the environment where the interdependency of these elements is constantly reasserted. She believes that sustainability should first and foremost be pursued through fundamental architectural principles and empowerment of the individual. To this end Michelle initiated the Atmoseer Project, which seeks to render spatial climates visible through immersive architectural installations which raise awareness and empower people to actively adjust their spatial climate.


Her Stacked House, in Berlin, Weissensee, a showcase for affordable sustainability, won the KFW award for sustainable building in 2014. Much of her career prior to academia has been spent collaborating with some of the most important Architectural practices in the world. Notably with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in France, Italy and Germany in the 90s and subsequently leading two seminal projects for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the Dutch embassy in Berlin and the Casa da Musica in Porto.

Michelle Howard is Professor of Architecture and head of the Platform for Construction, Materials and Technology at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She writes regularly on Architecture and the Environment and has just published, “Research-Observe-Make, An Alternative Manual for Architectural Education”, with Birkhäuser Verlag, which describes the evolution of a teaching method seated in the conviction that greater interaction with the world around us can provide untold levels of inspiration and indeed propose solutions if we only looked closely enough.


She is an active member of wirmachendas originally 100 women from the worlds of art, academia and public life. Now a growing alliance of numerous initiatives, individuals and institutions and united by the common goal of facing up to the challenge of worldwide migration with humanity and expertise. Her project to create self-build private rooms for refugees forced to live in sports halls is called fourteenwalls


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