Kunsthaus Dresden

in collaboration with architecture students at Cornell University


Investment in culture tends to flow towards the old landmark institutions and young independent groups are forced to survive on tiny stipends. These independent groups, lacking clout with the city on their own have decided to pool their resources and together establish a Centre for Contemporary Culture in Dresden. A cultural centre intent on providing a real alternative to the established culture of the city (Gemälde Galerie, Semper Oper, Grüne Gewolbe). With this project they support the architectural and historical value of certain buildings of the socialist era, and the younger culture which is blooming in that area and is so important to the renaissance of Dresden as a cultural capital. Leader of the group and the only organisation to receive money from the state is the Kunsthaus Dresden. This is a public centre for contemporary art, and is unique in the city. Close collaboration with artists and others involved in the cultural sphere, reveals their conceptual impulses and illuminates how their interpretations relate to present-day living and different histories.

This project involves the use and renovation of a building of great architectural merit from the former GDR called the Piranisches Tor uniting 2 fish restaurants, a café and a club in its base with an apartment tower which stands astride it. This was also the theme of a studio at Cornell University in 2007-2007.

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