exhibition "BIG! BAD? MODERN 1"


akbild WS 2010/11


Much more than just daring to preserve post-war architecture, this studio attempts to reveal just how audacious or exciting a decision to take a second look at these buildings can be. Thus if we have the audacity to preserve, renovate and transform the maligned elements of our architectural surroundings, we may get more than they planned.

Treading lightly with Modernism: We will look anew at our four case-studies comparing the intentions and ideals behind them to that of the current context. Some aspects which had great value at the time have either endured or been disproved, while others may only reveal their real potential when seen in the light of current discourse. The main qualities we will be concentrating on will be Spatial, Climatic and Durable. We will attempt to make interventions so subtle and yet so consequent which change our perception of these buildings. How can we make interventions which can tread lightly and yet transform utterly? Beyond the Grid: We will explore the future of the module particularly in relation to a world perhaps more attached to artifice than efficiency. We may discover what lies beyond the grid when it is challenged: A system breakdown or the (re-)birth of something new and inspiring?


"Lonely Platforms" by Maximilian Wiedacher

model of the Alt-Erlaa

the architect of the Alt-Erlaa Housing Project Harri Glück with BArch 3 students (Laurenz Berger, Cora Kaindl, Miriam Polak)

"Just Enough Light" by Martins Duselis

"The Return of the WU" by Peter Jakowitsch