detail model by Ralph Steffek


Design Project in Construction Material Technology - SS 2013


Recently in a discussion about the unsung heroes of science. The discussion became heated when one scientist insisted on concrete simply because its global impact is immense. So immense is its impact and so ubiquitous is it as a building material, it has the seemingly paradoxical role of standard element and the most exciting building material existing. The Academy cooperated with W&P Zement GmbH in Wietersdorf near Klagenfurt, one of the oldest cement manufacturers in Austria, who acted as our project client and provided technical and material support for experiments and full scale prototypes. Founded in 1893, the works have been constantly extended, developed and renovated so that they now form an ensemble of buildings of diverse function and date all distributed around and in the vicinity of the original historic "founding" building from 1893. In this project a high emphasis is placed on the container or formwork. The students were asked to explore how the shaping of a material can both enhance its appearance and its structural and acoustical efficiency. This exploration should take the form of a workplace for 30 employees with communication centre which would integrate itself in the existing ensemble. This new construction which is both building and landscaping should demonstrate the possibilities of concrete construction and formwork while enhancing the climate of the workplace and the surroundings.


1x1 Formwork Experiment

student: Christopher Ghouse

prototype by Ralph Steffek

Peter Leeb

prototype by Christian Wagner

detail models by Michael Hansen / Ralph Steffek

Lucie Najvarova