Design Project in Construction Material Technology, akbild SS 2010

Instructor: Michelle Howard & Christina Condak


The studio entitled, connecting spaces, studies the evolution of the corridor and the open plan space. It proposes that the corridor has the potential to connect people and spaces in ways more subtle than the celebrated “open” plan. In a society where analogue (!) social interaction is increasingly challenged by that of the digital with the advent of myspace, facebook and co. we will examine the power that Architectural space may have to effect this behaviour.

The programme type we have chosen is the school for 14-18year olds. These young people are most proficient and effected by the advent of the digital social sphere.  We will be concentrating on the spaces connecting classrooms rather than the classroom as an independent nest-like module. We will examine how both spaces may cohabit and their possible interaction. Students will model the connecting spaces as special entities, uncovering the potential connecting spaces have to become space generators.


models by Martin Denk

models by Lukas Pázmándy

project by Perrine Montfort