presentation by Maleka Brezovska


akbild SS 2008


The Vienna Secession building provided rooms and a built identity for the Vienna Secession movement in the late nineteenth century. Today in the 21st century it is as established and hierarchical as the group it first chose to break away from. The students were asked to design a Secession “fringe” building which accommodates the fringe activities in art and culture that the original Secession no longer does.

This project and the outside spaces it creates should act as a binding and enlivening agent for the neighbourhood in the St.Marx district which is in flux, its built edges far from defined or stable. The project should morph and move with the neighbourhood, implying that it should be easily dismantled and moved to another location.

Building Fast: The students are asked to determine a building system and develop an assembly process which will sensitively provide facilities very quickly. The first goal of the project is to exist in the shortest amount of time. Once it exists It may adapt itself leisurely to accomplish the brief given.


model by Robert Freudenberg

project by Maleka Brezovska

visualisations by Franz Kropatschek