Fabian Liszt with a ceiling intervention


akbild WS 2009/10

This semester’s studio is divided into two parts consisting of two inter-related projects

Part One:  Air, Light and Sound

Here in a four week workshop (starting on the 1st of October and ending in a presentation on Tuesday the 03rd of November) the students are introduced through a hands-on project to the Building of a Good Climate.  Using their skills of observation and small finely placed interventions they propose and produce a project which will transform their own working environments (the studios and rooms they work in at the academy) into well ventilated, lit and acoustically insulated spaces through the use of architecture.

Part Two: Academy Good Climate Pavilion

In the second project (kick-off 03rd November, evening) the students will be asked to design and make part prototypes of a pavilion to be placed on the Schiller Platz which should raise the public profile of the Academy and correspond to the classical definition of the pavilion.

Pavilion may refer to a free-standing structure sited a short distance from a main residence, whose architecture makes it an object of pleasure. Large or small, there is usually a connection with relaxation and pleasure in its intended use. (From wikipedia)

The pavilion should provide a comfortable climate both in winter and in summer and be very easy to maintain.  It will function without any connection whatsoever to the mains either for electricity or for sewage.  The cubic volume of the pavilion will be defined. The pavilion is not a museum and should not expose any objects; it should perform its public function for the academy in purely spatial terms.

discussions on the ceiling interventions before montage

Neglige by Fabian Liszt

model by Manuela Mandl

models by Dawid Klich

Semi Controlled by Karlis Berzins