Exhibiting architecture is at the very least, a challenge! How do we overcome the problematic of representing rather than showing which is, essentially what we do when we show Architecture. Already passionate about elements of the building process and about how we actually build things we try to communicate not just a building and would never assume that the building is the summum of all the focus points our creative energies. Thus we both show and represent at the same time.


For example in the exhibition entitled “the making of”, we showed projected site photographs, materials, working models, tools and films of the building process of the Dutch embassy in Berlin. At a time when the embassy was represented in all of the Architecture magazines, we showed only projections of moments on site in a room dominated by a very large site model which had been taken apart countless times during the 4 years of the building process and thus was itself a fascinating object. Materials and systems were hung to one side at a height which invited touch. At night the projectors were turned off and there remained only the large working model.