That good Architecture is the result of great teamwork is a fact that is not recognised enough. The same is true of Artworks which reach the scale of small, or sometimes even big, buildings. Our long experience of working together with and coordinating the most diversely creative individuals has permitted us to offer a real contribution to concept realisation. It is not enough just to build something resembling our ideas, it is possible to build our ideas and this without resorting to overbearing costs or constructional acrobatics. We know how to define the essential ideas in a project and develop them to constructional reality. We also know how to define the elements which can survive a little adjustment!


Our respect for the concept and the intentions of its creator is in partnership with our respect for the people who will bring it to a reality. Our clients are other architects, artists, urbanists, building firms and materials manufacturers. We are constantly exposed to and indeed sometimes initiate the newest developments in the field of architectural technology and material research.