Michelle Howard is a Professor and leader of the Platform CMT (Construction, Materials & Technology) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Coaching or teaching is first and foremost learning, and it is seated in a conviction that greater perception of and interaction with the world around us can provide untold levels of inspiration, and indeed propose solutions, if we only looked closely enough. When we create something, it is added to an existing framework, thus our creation is also an intervention. We intervene in an existing situation with its unique existing qualities. Developing methods of research and observation (film and photography, interviews and experiments) in order to discover and integrate these qualities is paramount.

Practising professionals are confronted daily with the myriad aspects of the making of architecture, only some of which are producing drawings and models. Making at real scale alone can communicate the interactive processes involved in negotiating the organisational, structural, material, political, technical... The architectural installation puts making to the forefront of architectural understanding.

To pull back from reacting as a simple problem solver, through research and observation, and push forward past the abstraction of drawings to making.